Wednesday, April 29, 2009


so yesterday i saw the lady who did the procedure on me, and she informed that the ER person who said that to me had no idea what they were talking about. people who have d&c's do not routinely go home with antibiotics (at least under her care). i was able to let go of my anger rather quickly, that was as close as an apology i could come to, seeing as it wasn't her mistake after all. my husband says that i still have to let him sue somebody in some way. ridiculous, lol.

also, i almost ate an entire box of "fiber selects" wheat thins by myself last night. i can feel something going on down there, and i can tell i'm in for it. i didn't even buy them, my mother brought them over. oh why did i subject my body to this fiber induced torture. i gained two lbs, and now i won't have to eat again until next weekend. wow, i really suck at life some days.

headache, headache go away. never come back again.


  1. i'm glad that you were able to clear things up with your doctor, though that doesn't lessen the frustration of incompetent er people!

  2. i'm not really sure what to think about what your doctor said. i was given a very heavy dose of antibiotics afterwards. i had forgotten about it completely, but they were these big old pills i had to take for five days or something.

  3. you dont suck at life sweetie - you are doing the best you can - i think you are handling this all quite well.