Monday, April 27, 2009


Okay, so my hormones are absolutely raging. That is the only thing that could possibly have caused these symptoms I've been having. Yesterday I had a headache that was killing me and a fever. I called the doctor and she told me to take myself to the hospital. I thought I was only going to urgent care, but when I got there they did the whole IV thing, so I went to the actual ER area. I had a rather large dose of morphine, and my headache still didn't go away. And now I have vicodin at home, and it is also useless. I never knew my body could defy these sorts of medications. I'm officially freaked out!

Anyway, my experience at the hospital was unspeakable. It took three tries to get the IV in (meanwhile I'm crying while the bff is holding my hand) and then later on when it started to hurt (it happened to be in a very sensitive place, practically the only place on my arm where the veins weren't constricted, and the saline water and morphine were really hurting) and the nurse refused to remove it and find a new spot. Lazy. I wonder if that's even legal? Shouldn't I have jurisdiction over my own body, especially in full consciousness?

That was just the cake, here is the icing. In the end, a nurse (or ER tech?) had the tenacity to tell me it was my fault I got an infection because I didn't take my antibiotics I was prescribed after the procedure. I have proof, papers from the hospital disclosing the medicines I went home with, and antibiotics isn't on them. This OB office has been a nightmare,too. I actually took a pregnancy test with them and didn't get to go back until my first trimester was almost over. When I went in, they said they didn't even know I was pregnant because I didn't tell them (even though it was their office that had confirmed it a month earlier) and that my chart was not yet changed.

I have not felt validated this time around with the medical community. It just sucks to go through something difficult, and then have an infection slam you, and then be blamed for it in the end! makes you want to go to Wal-mart and ride on the scooters...fill the basket up with chocolate and transfat goodies.


  1. can you switch to a different ob-gyn? i sure would if possible ... and then get a follow-up appointment to make sure everything's healing properly. this dr/clinic sounds really bad - i'm so sorry you had to deal with that. :(

  2. what??? i would find somewhere else to go if it's possible for you. that place sounds bad. talk about making a bad situation even worse.

  3. I'll come up this weekend and help you write letters of protest and threaten legal action if you don't get immediate written (to document their mistakes) apologizes!!! Let me know if this will help. Until then I am greiving and praying for you. I love you (all three of you)!