Tuesday, April 14, 2009

my delusional diet.

so apparently i need to eat better, especially because of the pregnancy. it's a well known fact that hangs over my head, but i like to ignore it while i'm eating both chocolate chip cookie dough poptarts. it's just unfortunate that this tiny person growing inside me doesn't understand the joy of a moo latte, the wonders of a milkshake, the almost surreal satisfaction after a chinese buffet.
i also need to quit caffeine. i had quit for a long time, but now i'm writing this on a cherry coke high. this is ridiculous. on the one hand i'm eating almond butter and wheat bread, fully cooked sushi and soymilk. and then in the other hand there is this extra large dark chocolate bar that my husband thought would be a great idea for easter (unfortunately it's going to be sitting for a while if i can really follow through with my new dietary goals). so here are my two new goals, STOP junk food altogether, and by junk food i mean anything deserty type/chocolate. i can still eat bread, sugary cereals, blah blah blah. i'm not an atkin's wannabe. goal number two involves STOPPING caffeine. it's completely unfair to the unborn. it's a drug i can do without.
i may or may not lose weight. that's a side note. the most important thing here is that i become a healthier person all around.

b-almond/jelly sand./oj
l-fruitloops, burrito
d-11pc. sushi

in regards to the food listings, i may not post everyday/add every detail. it would be too mundane/tedious.

ciao, kristine<3

additional thoughts....perhaps cutting out junk food altogether is a bit harsh. perhaps i'm setting myself up for failure here. perhaps a little here and there wouldn't hurt me. perhaps i should stop starting sentences with "perhaps." i could end with it then, perhaps. hahaha. like...i'm crazy, perhaps?