Wednesday, April 15, 2009

titles are complicated for me.

so today john is cooking beef curry. haha, at first i typed "beefy". "beefy curry" doesn't sound very appetizing for whatever reason. at any rate, he added coconut milk to this batch, so it should be amazing. i "shockingly" gained five pounds. i can honestly say that i haven't been on a food rampage everyday, but i have been neglecting serving sizes/types of food. add on the lack of physical exercise, and you have five extra pounds. why is this so hard for me? i miss my glory days.

i'll be attending the frederick, md tax day tea party. honestly, i am somewhat nervous. what can i expect when i get there? it's not that i don't support the ideas behind the rally, it's just that i'm not revolutionary enough to go stand in the rain with only three other people (and my child, so i win mother of the year award) and look like a complete dolt. i simply hope it will not be that mortifying. i'd like to glide into the crowd and blend in. i am such a dork, gah. i also have a lesser fear of crazy people, in general, showing up to do protests against the tea party. i want to die when i'm old, not at a tea party in 2009. besides, i wouldn't have had a chance to eat the curry leftovers (as i'm sure there will be).



  1. that curry sounds amazing! is it easy to make? do you have a recipe?

  2. well john makes it, so i'll ask him and post it! hehe.

  3. oh...i've received word from john that he made it all based on sight and taste and doesn't have a real recipe. but i'm sure you can find it at the food network, or if you googled beef curry. it's a popular eat!