Saturday, May 2, 2009

bathroom calamity.

Unbelievable. For three whole days I was taking only half the amount of antibiotics I should have been, and twice the amount of vicodin prescribed. Apparently I don't know how to read labels? New plan, take the recommended dose of augmentin and try to stay the heck away from vicodin. It does me little good, anyway.

Now onto more exciting news. Last night I was locked out of my bathroom (what can I say, I'm an idiot some days) and John had to come to my rescue at 12am something. Then, this morning after my shower I couldn't get out of the bathroom, so now we have John coming to my rescue again at almost 7am something. What if he just took the door off altogether? JEEBS.

Now today at 10am I have a CT scan to see if there is any cause for my draining emotionally and physically chronic headaches/other really weird stuff that's not been diagnosed. Hopefully they find nothing, but a part of me almost wishes they'd find SOMETHING, then that way I'd know what was wrong. And they could treat it. And I could just move on with my life. I'm perpetually stuck in limbo, just waiting for the doctors to figure it out. In the meantime I casually beg Jesus to take this cross from me because I can't handle it anymore. If He thinks I'm strong enough, I'll persist. My life could be a lot worse. It could be better, but it could be a lot worse. I have a lot to be thankful for in the end.


  1. i hope they find out what is wrong and it is nothing serious, something easy to deal with, like eating more oranges or something. >.< or drinking more water.

  2. i'd plow my way through 20 oranges a day if that's what it was! i can only hope...

  3. 20 oranges a day would be fun - but boring after the first month - how about alternating fruits by the week? lol. wouldn't it fabulous is this was God's sense of humor telling you to eat more of something healthy - ie potassium in bananas or iron in spinach, etc. let me know how it goes, praying for you!

  4. that would be amazing if this were simply an issue of fruit...i'd alternate fruits til i was dead! my life would be perfect...sadly, i think this is more tmj related. which really there are limited solutions to...unfortunately.

  5. i've totally been through the headache diagnosis process ... it's a roller coaster!
    funny side note: in my ct scan i didn't have any problems, but they did find that the normal drainage spaces in my brain are a lot larger than normal, so whenever i'm spacey i have the excuse that ... i have holes in my head!
    silliness aside, i really hope you find some solutions soon...

  6. i hope there is some reason! this is annoying...