Thursday, January 28, 2010

facebook is starting to annoy me. mainly because I'm starting to annoy myself. I wonder what would happen if someone actually shut down my facebook account? would I have breathing problems? i don't like to be dependent that much on anything. i'm curious as to why it's relevant for me to post irrelevant details about my life. irrelevant to most of the facebook population, that is. I think I need to step back from updating so much. And the site certainly doesn't need checked any more than a few times a day. even that is putting it on par with eating and other daily activities, and it probably shouldn't be. some things i refuse to get over though. such as finding out important updates and photos. i love the photos part. so i definitely won't be ditching facebook altogether. i think i just need to step back a little bit because i'm taking it to an extreme. luckily for me in a few weeks once this semester starts to pick up (it's a killer) and i have this baby, i will no longer have the time to waste.
i also remind myself that i can have a very obsessive personality. i went through phases with other social networking sites too. i remember i thought it was the end of the world when my dad wouldn't purchase aol for the computer. i was signing on and off aim religiously - addicted to "user info." then it was xanga. then it was myspace. now it's facebook. this too shall pass.

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  1. facebook is annoying me too - daily. if i wasn't addicted to farmville i would be okay just turning it off.